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OTDR 1310nm/1550/1625nm 40/38/38dB
Model: FHO5000-T40F-TS
Manufacturer: Grandway
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Warranty: 12 Month
Product Description

Tri-wavelengths: 1310/1550/1625nm
Dynamic Range: 40/38/38dB
Port1: 1310/1550nm
Port2: Filtered 1625nm
Visual Fault Locator included

Event/ Attenuation Dead zone: 1.75M/11M
Distance: 4m-240km
Sampling point: max 128,000
Distance accuracy: ±(1m+measuring distance×3×10-5 +sampling resolution

7-inch anti-reflection, Touch Screen LCD
IP65 protection level, outdoor enhanced
Interface: 1×RJ45 port, 3×USB port(USB2.0,Type A USB×2, Type B USB×1)
DataStorage: Internal memory: 4GB (about 40,000 groups of curves)
Power Supply: 100V-240V(ac), 50~60Hz
Battery: Operating Time: 12 hours; Charging time: <4 hours
Operating temperature and humidity: -10℃ 50 95% (non-condensation)

Languages: English, Russian

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